Tasty snack!

- Joann G.

GREAT! Light and tasty a great twist on walnuts! Fantastic.

- Michael C.

The name speaks for itself. These walnuts and cashews are simply extraordinary. Every flavor our team tried, we loved. From “Banana Not Bread” to “Caribbean Cashews” to “DILLiscious Cashews” – they were all tasty and so unique compared to other snacks.

- REACHur Team

This company is a company that stands above the rest in customer service! I never received my product, through no fault of theirs, and they were immediately on it and sent out another package to me right away! Some of the products were even in larger sizes. So far, I’ve tasted the cave nibs, which were amazing and satisfied the crunch I’ve been missing on keto, and the banana bread walnuts. I’m not normally a walnut fan but heard these were good. They did not disappoint! They are absolutely delicious and unlike any nut I’ve had before flavor-wise. I don’t know how a walnut can taste like banana bread, but I’ve already finished my little bag. I’m now heading over to buy a larger size!

- Shannon K.