Serious Snacks for Not-So-Serious People

When we established the Extraordinary Snack Company, we knew we had a big name to live up to. We needed to find extraordinary ingredients, extraordinary recipes, and a nut activation and dehydration process that would save people an extraordinary amount of effort. A snack filled with extraordinary nutrients to keep you satisfied and extraordinary flavor to make your mouth say, “Wow!”

After years of spirited fine-tuning in a home and test kitchen, we relocated our operation to a bonafide commercial kitchen with all the bells and whistles. Our new pad provides us the space to grow and enables us to create some seriously satisfying snacks that make every nutrient-dense calorie matter and a taste like nothing else.

While we’re serious about developing great snacks, we also believe that snacking, like life, should be deliciously fun. So, whether you’re nuts about nutrition or nuts about tasty snacks, you’re our kind of people. Artisan-crafted in small batches, our extraordinary snacks are an extraordinary labor of love, and we hope that shows in every bite.

Making the magic happen!