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As long as I can remember, I’ve had a “nutty” relationship with food. For years, I battled weight and digestion issues, as well as an eating disorder, and like many people, I tried it all. Fad diets. Pills and potions. Entire lifestyle changes like macrobiotics and living foods—you name it. On my quest, I discovered that maintaining a healthy diet requires a little something more than a philosophy and regimen. It’s sustained by a holistic, common-sense approach to eating clean, whole foods that fuel the body and please the taste buds. It’s making mindful choices, hydrating, staying active, and loving yourself along the way.

Erica Thorneburg Founder/Chief Dehydrating Officer

Erica Thorneburg
Founder/Chief Dehydrating Officer

Naturally, my epiphany didn’t happen overnight. Being a neuromuscular therapist by trade and a healthy food connoisseur by default, I often found snacks that were tasty but lacking in nutrition or nutritious, but full of grains and the flavor of expensive saw dust. So, I got this zany idea. I’d make my own delicious, energy-packed snacks with nuts at the core. Why nuts? Because nuts are little powerhouses of plant-based nutrients, a good source of healthy fat and protein, and a quick snack.

In addition, my experimentation with living foods exposed me to what raw foodies call “soakers” (unprocessed nuts that become light and easy-to-digest once soaked in filtered water). Considering my digestion difficulties, I jumped right in and learned how to make some incredible snacks that revitalized me between massages without upsetting my tummy or making me so sleepy, I wanted to push clients right off the table so I could take a nap. Soon I was making batches for family at Christmas and sharing my bounty with fellow therapists and friends from time to time. People loved the treats which made me think, “Maybe I could start a business?” And here we are.

From my deep dive into the food world, I learned that we’re all searching for the same thing. Healthy ingredients, scrumptiously prepared, and rich in protein and nutrients to keep us energized and snackified (and yes, I just invented that word) until it’s time to refuel. That’s my story, and I’d love to hear yours and to know what you think about our products. After all, we’re all on this Extraordinary Snack journey together.