Our Story at Extraordinary Snacks, Winston‑Salem, NC

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Serious snacks for not-so-serious people.

When we established our company, Extraordinary Snacks, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we knew we had a big name to live up to. So, we set out to create snacks that would never leave you wondering why we deem them extraordinary. You will be able to tell from the first bite that our snacks are seriously delicious. We know lots of snacks taste great, but the vast majority aren’t very healthy. We also know that many healthy snacks on the market lack flavor. We felt if we could create snacks that were both healthy and delicious that they would qualify as extraordinary snacks. We put healthy eating at the foundation of all we do!

Our Story at Extraordinary Snacks in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We believe it matters what goes into our snacks and how they are produced. We never use highly processed ingredients and fillers that your body simply doesn’t know what to do with. We are committed to sourcing and using the highest-quality, cleanest ingredients we can find, and then, we mindfully prepare each recipe to create snacks that are nutrient dense, easy to digest and absorb, and support you feeling your best. Our extraordinary snacks will keep you satisfied and make your mouth say, “Wow!”

We are serious about developing great snacks, so you can munch away with confidence and use your time doing the things you love instead of seeking out snacks that fit your commitment to healthy eating. Whether you are nuts about nutrition, nuts about tasty snacks, or both, you are our kind of people! Artisan-crafted in small batches, our extraordinary snacks are an extraordinary labor of love, and we hope that shows in every bite.