We’re Nuts About Nutrition.

At Extraordinary Snacks, we like to think of ourselves as a small company with big flavors. We use the highest quality ingredients we can find and hand-craft each product in small, artisanal batches that take 24-48 hours to process each. Sure, it’s time-consuming. But the unique taste, crunch and dense nutrient level we develop is worth every minute because you’ll stay nourished with hours of energy.

Banana Not Bread

Meet our flagship product, Banana Not Bread—sprouted walnuts soaked in a scrumptious, sweet banana puree with a hint of cinnamon and a hefty helping of protein, potassium, and vitamins. Tastes so good, it’s nuts! (No really, it’s actually nuts.)

Go Nuts!

Just not too nuts. These babies aren’t calorie-free, you know. Fortunately, a 1-ounce serving (enough to fit in the palm of your hand) tames your hunger and leaves you ready to take on the world.

More products coming soon!

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