Soak It to Me

Ahh, here’s what makes us special. Every Extraordinary Snack begins with raw, unprocessed, sustainably sourced nuts. Basically, nuts are seeds in disguise, so when they’re soaked, something amazing happens. As the bitter phytic acids and tannins (which make nuts hard to digest) wash away, the nuts begin to activate, unlocking a treasure trove of natural vitamins, minerals, protein, and enzymes.

Once these activated nuts reach their pinnacle nutritional value, we toss them in mouth-watering marinades to build complex flavor profiles, and slowly dehydrate each batch until light and crisp. Unlike baking, dehydration preserves nutrients in food, including essential minerals such as selenium, potassium and magnesium found in fresh fruit and vegetables. This process assures “clean”, buttery gems, as close to nature as possible.

Some of our nuts, like Banana Not Bread and DILLiscious Cashews, are perfection on their own. Others get combined with fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonings to create crunchy bites. Whichever Extraordinary Snack you choose, know that it has a nutty foundation and a whole lot of love inside.